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Local Problems Need Local Solutions

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Photovoltaic solar panels and lithium-based batteries are prime examples of technologies that have been force fitted into developing markets. Notwithstanding the massive upfront costs involved, the components of current predominant solar panels are highly specialised, requiring significant maintenance expertise in order to last the guaranteed lifespan of only 20 years.

We believe that technologies have to suit local markets, not the other way round. Wooden Solar believes in universal energy templates and blueprints, as well as deployment expertise playbooks that can be suited to any localised conditions. After all, first-order physics principles are universal.

Start From Zero

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To generate revolutionary designs, we focus on left field thinking to solve difficult engineering challenges, starting from a blank sheet of paper.

One of our ongoing projects looking at ultra low-cost ambient comfort is a prime example of this. A temperature drop of only 4-5°C allows people to live and sleep better in rural, developing communities, yet industrial trends today are wholly fixated on adding complexity and developing increasingly powerful air conditioning units.

People First, Technology Second