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Our guiding principles.

Local Problems Need Local Solutions

Photovoltaic solar panels and lithium-based batteries are technologies that have been force fitted into developing markets. Notwithstanding the massive upfront costs involved, current solar power systems are highly specialised, requiring significant expertise to install and maintain.

Wooden Solar believes that technologies should suit local markets and conditions, not the other way round.

Start From Zero

Harsh environments represent a significant set of constraints, but also bring unique engineering design opportunities. To generate revolutionary designs, we focus on left field thinking to solve difficult engineering challenges, starting from a blank sheet of paper.

Wooden Solar’s technologies are developed under a frugal engineering framework, which maximises simplicity, robustness and maintainability.

People First, Technology Second

People are incredibly important, yet are often left out of the design process.

Wooden Solar believes in a human-centric future, where people and communities are the centre of any endeavour. We maximise the ability of local communities to organise, deploy and maintain their own power systems. After all, technologies will only work effectively if they are understood by the people who use them.