Designed to be manufactured and maintained anywhere in the world, using local materials and manufacturing capabilities. We create “energy wells” for universal energy access in remote, harsh environments.

The Future Heat Economy

Heat was the predominant energy currency in the past, but has since been forgotten in favour of a carbon-based economy. As we transition away from fossil fuels, Wooden Solar aims to restore heat as one of our primary energy currencies in the future within developing, rural communities.

Fully Redundant Solutions

Wooden Solar utilises bulk heat storage as its primary energy store. This results in a complete clean energy storage solution that non-polluting in both manufacturing and disposal, lasts 5x longer than Lithium-based batteries and costs a fraction of current conventional energy storage systems.

Heat is universal. While Wooden Solar’s technology is predominantly based on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), it may be immediately modified to utilise heat from any energy source, including geothermal and biogas under adverse conditions. This negates the need to maintain and run concurrent backup systems.

Highly Robust Renewable Energy

Cheap and easy conversion of energy from heat to mechanical power has always been a sticking point. The heart of Wooden Solar’s technology is a frugally engineered, highly robust Watt engine. All major components are constructed with minimal precision and very large tolerances, negating the need for high tech manufacturing.